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Operating from Reading, Egyptian Belly Dance provides entertainment and belly dance classes to clients throughout Reading. Established in 2000 the company has many years of experience in the Belly Dancing Classes business.

The firm delivers a variety of Belly Dance classes to local people, which is intended to learn and perform at all times. With a fully fitted workshop, the business also has fully qualified staff helping clients to achieve great results.

Egyptian Belly Dance has a steady network of clients, situated around Reading, including some Belly Dance Teachers.

Consisting of thorough instructions, the Belly dancing classes delivered by the business are perfect for all to enjoy. Available from the workshop, the classes are tailored to individual needs and can improve quality of life and fitness.

With just two hard working belly dancers, Egyptian Belly Dance has a professional team, qualified to degree level.

The company is managed by NadineWe Bass who has been involved in the Belly Dancing Classes trade for many years. NadineWe Bass is experienced enough to run the company, having previously worked for a broad range of companies.

Egyptian Belly Dance is the oldest dance form in the world and Egypt has certainly always been at the centre of this beautiful Art.   It is one of the best exercises to music for women of all age.  Belly dance has beautiful moves, shimmies and undulations which can be performed gracefully by all women of all sizes.

Gain the health benefits of this dance form:  With our drilling method exercises, we help body to memorize the needed techniques in order to relieve it from any stress and avoid any discomfort feeling in our body system.  By concentrating on the movements that come naturally to the female form, we tend to work with our body, not against it.  This is the best way to express the truth of the image you want to see:

Image of looking good when you feel good!

Why Belly Dancing?

Why Belly dance?
answers by our students

  • It’s been working on some parts of my body like on my thighs, bum and particularly on my stomach.
  • It has improved my posture, balance and coordination.
  • It helps me release stress and relax my brain after all day at work.
  • It has given me that confidence and self-esteem feeling which I didn’t have before.
  • When I was told that everyone was welcome to learn to Belly dance; all ages, sizes, cultures and shapes, I gave it a go and can say that it is true and worth it!
  • I gained more confidence, feel happier and believe more in what we call self-esteem.
  • I found the benefit of its workout so beneficial; people think that belly dancing is all about shaking but the truth is that it is a complete workout! It does provide the cardio, stretch and strength you get in any fitness class.


We do not charge our students for the warm up and cool down duration!

Affordable prices and quality teaching!

Available Classes in our academy:Belly dance fitness fortnight Monday 19:00 to 21:00 Belly dance Wednesday weekly 19:00 to 20:30

F.Y.I: Wednesday Class has been moved from Rivermead Leisure Centre to Bath Road Reading area in July 2011.

In our Reading academy, our students work on different Arabic Music Rhythm styles and dancing by translating different music instruments and much more...